A Complete Guide to Foraging – ebook


We structured this eBook from the ground up to be informative, accurate and practical. Drawing on over 30 years of personal foraging experience, this eBook from the team at EatThePlanet.org brings together a complete overview of all you need to know to get started foraging. From 10 easy wild edibles to find and forage to our recommended identification process. Over 40+ pages, this concise guide will explore the basics, benefits, and cautions of foraging.

A great stepping stone for beginners, and a useful refresher for intermediate foragers.

This foraging guide is for people who…

– are interested in becoming more self-sufficient

– want to add more varied nutrition to their diet

– want to understand the basics of foraging to build on wilderness survival skills

– are looking for unique ingredients, e.g. chefs

– are interested in reconnecting to a cultural past

– are interested in developing a new hobby that connects you to nature

We designed this eBook to be an important part of your foraging journey. The goal is to share practical information with you that will be useful as you head out into the field. We give plant and mushroom identification tips. as well as highlighting some specific types of plants that are available in many regions across North America and Europe.